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Welcome to The Family Learning Hub

The Family Learning Hub is a comprehensive organization dedicated to supporting women and families in their pursuit of personal growth, resilience, and well-being Empowering your Life. Founded by Uzma Malik, a passionate advocate with a strong academic background and extensive experience in coaching, The Family Learning Hub offers a unique blend of services tailored to address the complex needs of our clients. Our mission is to provide a supportive environment that empowers individuals to embrace a life of fulfilment, strength, and confidence.

Our Services

We Provide Parenting Support

Offering guidance and resources to help parents navigate the challenges and joys of raising children, fostering a nurturing and supportive family environment.

Domestic Violence Awareness & Assistance

Providing support, resources, and education for survivors of domestic violence and their families, while promoting a culture of prevention and understanding.

Women's Boxing and Fitness

Helping women build physical strength, develop self-confidence, and foster a sense of empowerment through boxing and fitness classes designed specifically for women.

Women's Empowerment Coaching

Assisting women in discovering their strengths, overcoming challenges, and achieving personal and professional goals through personalized coaching and support.

About Our Founder

Uzma Malik, a dedicated advocate for women’s empowerment and family well-being.With over eight years of experience working as a parenting coach, providing domestic violence awareness services, and empowering women through boxing and fitness instruction, Uzma founded The Family Learning Hub to create a comprehensive support network for women and families. Under her leadership, The Family Learning Hub has flourished into a thriving organization, positively impacting the lives of countless women and families. Explore our website to learn more about our services, Uzma Malik, and our dedicated team of professionals. Together, we can help you unlock your full potential and embrace a life of empowerment and fulfillment.

Uzma Malik - Founder, The Family Learning Hub

Our Approach

At The Family Learning Hub, we believe in a holistic and client-centered approach, focusing on the unique needs and goals of each individual. Our experienced team of professionals works closely with clients to develop customized plans that foster personal growth, empowerment, and well-being. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment that enables our clients to thrive.

Our Team

The Family Learning Hub is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in parenting support, domestic violence awareness and assistance, women’s boxing and fitness, and women’s empowerment coaching. Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and experience to our organization, allowing us to provide comprehensive support & guidance to our clients.


We understand the importance of continued learning and growth, both for our clients and our community. Explore our collection of resources, including articles, videos, and tools, designed to provide valuable information and guidance on various aspects of parenting, domestic violence, women’s fitness, and empowerment.

Events & Workshops

The Family Learning Hub regularly hosts events and workshops designed to provide education, support, and networking opportunities for our clients and the broader community. Join us to deepen your understanding of our services, connect with like-minded individuals, and further your journey towards personal growth and well-being
About me

A little about me ....

Hi I’m Uzma Malik, business woman, dedicated mum to four children, artist, fitness enthusiast, and women-empowering coach. Yes, I am very busy! Our business, The Family Learning Hub, delivers Outstanding-rated parenting programmes, encouraging an approach to relationships that gives children and adults an emotionally healthy start for their lives and learning. Helping busy parents get the best out of family life, as well as domestic violence awareness programmes that empower individuals to understand and make sense of the traumatic experiences they went through. Helping and supporting them to move forward and progress with confidence through self-development. I’m also passionate about health and fitness and see this the bedrock of being your optimal self – in our bespoke coaching programmes we combine elements of training with weightlifting, boxing and tailored nutrition to help women take control of their own bodies, rather than being steered by societal expectations. ‘It’s all about how YOU want to be , not how YOU should be!’

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What Our Clients Are Saying ....

This programme has to be advertised wider to attract more fathers. You get to understand people’s culture and social background . Integration is very important. It was a very good programme… it was very interactive
It was interesting to learn about other fathers experiences and meet new people
Roberto Lopez
My relationship with my wife is much better and as a family we have become closer
Julia Moore
I will admit I didn’t want to be here when I first started as I was told to come here …but I tell all my friends that the programme is great and I am learning so much!
Maria Anna